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We've all heard stories about the mythical standard that real Italian leather sets for the world. It is known as one of the best leathers in the world and is in demand on a global scale. Products that use Italian leather tend to cost at least hundreds of dollars (not taking into account small accessories that use a small amount of it) that have quickly become a staple of any fashion collection. But why is it so desirable? Is Italian leather the best? Well, that's a tricky question to answer because even leather in Italy can vary greatly in terms of quality. But before we give the verdict, let's review some of the aspects why Italian leather is known and loved by many. It will also help to understand what leather is in general, which we cover in this guide in more detail.

The best skin around
Italian leather is better in terms of quality and durability compared directly to the same type of leather around the world. The quality of the skin is determined by two main factors (there are many more, but we are talking about the main ones here). First, it is the quality of the raw material - animal skin. This is where leather production begins and it is crucial to have top quality leather sheets ready to use for the final products. The better the animals are cared for, the better their skin will be. This may sound simple enough, but it is not so clear to some people. Italians are proud of their leather-making heritage, so they have strict enough laws and policies to ensure that animals are treated better than in most other leather-making countries.

The second main factor is leather production traditions. They have been passed down through multiple generations from hundreds of years ago, giving the Italians a strong advantage due to their acquired knowledge, yielding a higher quality leather than other leather producers could achieve from the same quality animal skin. This alone is a good enough reason to purchase Italian leather products. But we will talk about traditions a little more later.

Therefore, combining these two main factors, it gives us a superior quality leather that has earned the Italians the reputation they currently have.

Tradition and care
As mentioned above, the traditions are super important in order to get the best quality leather. After all, there are many steps involved from the moment of receiving an animal skin to the moment of making the final skin sheets. And each step is very important to the final result.

One of the key steps in making quality Italian leather is the tanning process. This is when the animal skin is actually turned into leather while stopping the decomposition process completely to ensure long term preservation. You can read much more about how leather is made in this article here.

Many articles write about the fact that the Italians only use vegetable tanning in their leather production process, which is true to a large extent, but not entirely. Yes, this is their preferred way, because the final skin is simply stunning, but it is not always financially feasible. Therefore, price can be a better indicator of what is a vegetable tan and what is not. We have a short guide (click here) on how much Italian leather costs, which will give you a better idea of what to expect when buying a genuine leather bag.

global demand
There has always been a global demand for Italian leather. The world wants quality and Italian manufacturers always deliver. Leather workers have been passing on this tradition for centuries to the next generation. Trade secrets and location-specific materials have led to Italian leather being something that can only be made in Italy. It became a brand in its own right, putting many Italian leather manufacturers on the world map.

Even if you use the same methods as the traditional Italian producers, there will be no comparison between the two. Italian leather is so sought after because it is the best. There is simply nothing like Italian leather.

Is Italian leather the best?
I guess we have already expressed our opinion on the question "Is Italian leather the best?". It certainly is. Anything made from genuine vegetable tanned Italian leather is just so much better and so much more beautiful than anything else you compare it to.

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