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The leather wallet is an often underestimated accessory. Many think it is the accessory that you show less and that consequently there is no need to choose one in particular. The truth is that the wallet, precisely because of its "intimacy", is the accessory that people notice the most. A neat wallet is synonymous with a neat person, attentive to details and refined. For this reason it’s important to buy the right wallet for you.

The first factor to consider is the size. Most men are used to keep their wallet in their pockets and it is important that this has a small size to avoid annoying clutter in your jeans pockets, especially when seated. However, some people, despite keeping it in their pockets, prefer a classic-sized leather mens leather wallet, with different compartments, pockets and card holders.
The classic wallet is perfect for those who want to always be elegant and stylish. The men's leather wallet is a timeless accessory, a safe choice of style, perfect even for the most formal occasions. Usually the mens leather wallet has a flat or gusseted coin purse and many compartments for cards and documents. The shape can be horizontal (more classic) or vertical with book closure. There are many variations of leather processing: from full-grain leather that defines an elegant style, to smooth or textured leather that are also suitable for the youngest.
A variant of the classic wallet is the version without a coin pocket. The absence of this part makes leather wallets more compact and less bulky in your pants pocket. It is particularly appreciated by those who are used to keeping their wallet in the back pocket of their pants, as the coins could be annoying. It is the lightest model and therefore the favorite of many, despite the absence of the purse it means having to keep them in other ways.


The mens leather wallet is made of many different materials, the most functional par excellence is leather. Leather is the ideal material for this type of accessory. The wallet is typically an accessory that changes after many years of use, usually when it begins to deteriorate. In this the leather comes to meet us: it will never deteriorate like eco-leather or other fabrics. One day, when you decide to change it, it will be only because you have decided you want one that is more in step with the trends.
There are different types of leather that are used to pack the mens leather wallet:
  • Full-grain leather: this is the finest and most classic type of leather. Choosing a wallet made with this leather is a sure shot, it will never go out of style. It is elegant and suitable for both younger and more mature women. Moreover, if you take care of the skin periodically, it is an accessory that will last forever.
  • Hammered leather: it is leather with an irregular texture, it is more tolerant to signs of use and easier to clean. There are many models of mens leather wallet in textured imitation leather, but the real one is a whole other story. Those in faux leather will soon begin to show the first signs of deterioration, with chipping at the corners or the coating starting to flake. Genuine leather will never give this effect, it is much more likely that the fabric interior will be damaged. The textured leather is also more youthful and causal, with a very wide range of colors to choose from.


Whoever chooses a leather wallet, must take care of the material. Like all leather accessories, it is important to clean it periodically with a clean cotton cloth moistened with a cleansing cream suitable for leather. This way you can be sure that the wallet will have an incredible durability and the color will not experience any fading.

How to choose the perfect leather wallet
Choosing a wallet is a personal experience and an opportunity to express your personality and indulge your taste. They can also say a lot about you, so why not stand out from the crowd? Combine style and practicality with real men's wallets and take a look at our guide on how to choose the perfect leather wallet!

Decide how many cards your wallet should carry
If you've been using your current wallet for a while, it's likely to be filled to the brim with an assortment of cards, old receipts, loose change, and some foreign currency from your travels. Before choosing your new wallet, you might want to go through these items and strip your wallet down to the essentials.

Slimline wallets often look neater than a bulky wallet, so try to keep the cards you need every day and keep the others in a safe place just in case. You will now need to choose a wallet with enough slots, and if like many, you use your bank card for most transactions, you may decide that you no longer need a dedicated coin pouch on your wallet. Look at both folding wallets and trifold designs to figure out how many extra compartments and card slots your perfect wallet will need.

Choose quality leather
If you are looking for the perfect leather wallet, rather than a sporty design, then you should choose one that is made of genuine, high-quality leather. Your wallet needs to make a statement, and a classic leather design can look striking as well as being durable and ideal for everyday use.

When choosing a leather wallet, you should also be aware of fake leather products available. These products are likely to wear out faster and are not as durable. To identify if the wallet is genuine leather, look at the grain of the pattern as it should not look embossed. A real leather wallet will also have the wonderful, unique smell of real leather.

Choose a wallet style that suits you
Once you've decided how many compartments you'll need for your new wallet, and you've made sure the product is made of quality leather, you can now choose a wallet style that suits you. As mentioned, leather wallets are available in a wide variety of styles including natural tan tones and vibrant colors, distressed vintage leather look, classic and strong designs and extravagant details.

ארנק עור לגברים Fabioארנק עור לגברים Fabio
ארנק עור לגברים Fabio
ארנק עור לגברים Fabio


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